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If there’s something folks in far Northern California know, it’s the real deal. Maybe that’s why Cornerstone Community Bank is where it is today. 

Started in 2006, Cornerstone stands today as a key cog in the lives of its customers. Additionally, its outreach has become woven in the fabric of the North State. The locally owned and managed bank has a branch in Red Bluff, two in Redding and another in Anderson. Cornerstone didn’t set out to be the biggest bank, but rather one with big impact.

“Our bank is built to serve the needs of our community,” says Matt Moseley, President and CEO. “Relationships are our lifeblood.” 

Cornerstone Community Bank is a full-service financial institution complemented by a full-service website that allows customers access to their money 24 hours a day with key bill-pay and mobile bank features crucial in today’s online world. And while Cornerstone Community Bank is plugged into the 21st Century, it also remembers its roots.

A local bank with local decision-making, Cornerstone not only works for its customers’ money, but works to be good neighbors. They sponsor and are involved with numerous community-minded projects in the areas they serve.

“Moving local dreams forward” isn’t just Cornerstone’s tagline, it’s their reality. Perhaps that’s why they’re recognized as one of the top 200 community banks in the country. Or maybe it’s because their story is relatable to a population that knows the value of hard work and what it means to roll your sleeves up and get the job done.

“Ours is not unlike most small business stories,” the Team says. “You start, you work hard, you worry about everything, you struggle and you hold true to your values. And with great people and probably a smattering of luck, you develop a strong business built with a rock-solid cornerstone.”

Each day, the collective thought of Cornerstone Community Bank is to watch its customers, employees and community succeed. “Like every small business, there have been multiple challenges,” shares the team at Cornerstone. “What we pride ourselves on is not assigning blame, but working problems/challenges until we find answers.”

Each day, the Cornerstone team knows there are opportunities out there to conquer – like building a trustworthy, locally focused bank started right before the Great Recession. “Cornerstone not only survived but has thrived through the hard times,” the Cornerstone team says proudly.

Each day, the team sees the chance to build something great of its own.

“More than banking, we’re your Cornerstone.”

Cornerstone Community Bank
Red Bluff: 500 Riverside Way, (530) 529-1222
Redding: 192 Hartnell Ave., (530) 222-1460

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