Campbell, Clark & Vienneau

When attorney’s Sandra Clark and Robert Campbell, now of-counsel, approached Margarita Vienneau with the opportunity to join them as the new owner of their law firm, Vienneau wondered if she would be helping enough people. “I was concerned that I wouldn’t be making a large enough impact, but they assured me that this line of work does just that,” Vienneau says. “Turns out, they were right.” After being a prosecutor for several years with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, Vienneau transitioned into running a firm that specializes in estate planning, conservatorships, trust and probate litigation, special needs trusts, social security disability, and Medi-Cal planning. Initially, Vienneau questioned if she would be helping enough people. She quickly determined that her new role would satisfy that need and more.

In business since 1990, the Law Offices of Campbell and Clark – now Campbell, Clark & Vienneau – are passionate about serving their clients and community through zealous advocacy and attentive relationships. They work closely with clients to understand their case and move toward the most favorable result possible.

“We pride ourselves in prioritizing family and having a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” Vienneau says. “Many times people are intimidated by attorneys, and so we try to do just the opposite.”

And as Vienneau discovered, the shift from criminal law has been very rewarding. “I have worked on hundreds of conservatorships and special needs trusts, and I assist clients in their Medi-Cal planning needs so that spouses do not go into debt or lose their home over needing to place a loved one into skilled care,” she says. “Additionally, I have the opportunity to meet with countless people, from all walks of life, which is truly rewarding.”

Vienneau was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to the United States as an infant, completing her undergraduate studies at UC San Diego in three years before entering law school at 21. She met her husband Paul Vienneau, who runs the Shasta Land Trust, in law school and the pair moved back to his hometown of Redding. In addition to her work at the law firm, Vienneau also serves on the board of directors at the Haven Humane Society and gives back through supporting Turtle Bay Exploration Park, One SAFE Place and the Shasta Land Trust.

Prior to joining Campbell, Clark & Vienneau, she specialized in prosecuting sexual assault cases, domestic violence and elder abuse cases with the Shasta County District Attorney’s office.

“I have sent a number of truly evil individuals to prison, which is definitely something to be proud of, but last Christmas I had a case where I had met with a couple a few months prior and did their estate plan,” Vienneau says. “I made sure to include all of the necessary language for long-term care, just in case it would ever be needed. Around Christmas, I got a call from the wife, letting me know that her husband had since been diagnosed with dementia and he needed to be placed in a care facility. Working with a Medi-Cal advocate during Christmas and New Year’s, we were able to protect their marital home and qualify her husband for quality care, which provided an overwhelming amount of ease to the family during a stressful time.” 

To see how the Law Offices of Campbell, Clark & Vienneau might be able to help, visit, call (530) 244-6286 or visit their 1648 Riverside Drive office. Social Security disability consults are free while other matters are subject to charge.

Vienneau says she lives by a quote hanging in her office, reminding her to always do the right thing: “‘Go into the world and do well, but more importantly go into the world and do good.’ I believe that if we focus on doing good, and doing good with character and honesty, then we will end up doing well,” she says, summing it up nicely.

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