Among the many satisfying parts of Suzanne Russell’s work at Carousel, three things in particular stand out.

First, being a locally owned, brick-and-mortar store in Redding means not only being able to help women find high-quality boutique-style clothing in town. Carousel is at 1555 Yuba St. in Downtown Redding and has enjoyed the revitalization of the area around the old mall as the opening of Market Street has breathed life back into the area.

“We have been located in the heart of Downtown Redding since 2012, and we are so very grateful to be a part of the brick-and-mortar experience in Redding,” Russell says. “We have a passion for high-quality goods from reputable designers who care about quality, manufacturing process, the environment and style – and we want that to be available in the community we love.”

That has been Russell’s focus since she took over the business in 2016. After all, she knows that money spent in the community has an uplifting effect. “We are very locally minded: we know that money spent in local businesses stays in our community,” she says. “We love to work and play in this community and encourage others to do the same.”

The second satisfaction for Russell is being able to provide that true boutique experience in far Northern California. “Carousel seeks to provide women with a boutique clothing experience in a relaxing, uplifting environment. It’s more than just a clothing store – it’s a place to be, and to be known,” Russell says. “We are a true boutique, finding made to order brands that produce limited quantities of pieces they make. Basically, you won’t run into people all over town wearing the same thing as you.”

But what good are location and selection without the great customer service that Carousel is known for? After all, Russell takes the time to get to know her customers, making sure they not only love what they’re buying, but look amazing.

“A new customer came into Carousel one day to ask for help with what to wear to an event,” she says. Russell said the customer was unsure she wanted to go without some stunning outfit to wear.

“We talked through options; shopped around together, tried on numerous looks, and suddenly she came out of the changing room nearly in tears,” Russell says. “She said she hadn’t felt this good in years. She looked noticeably different, even making eye contact and hugged me before she left. Honestly, it made my day more than hers, I think! That’s the good stuff.”

But really, it’s par for the course at Carousel where they create an environment that invites comfort and friendship.

So before you log on to the latest impersonal, take the short trip to Carousel and see what you’ve been missing.

“If you haven’t been here, come on in. I’ll give you the tour,” Russell says.

1555 Yuba St, Redding
(530) 246-1959

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