Changing Lives One Cup at a Time

Chris and Erin Resner aren’t in the coffee business, they’re in the business of changing lives —one cup at a time.

For the past 18 years, the Resners have grown their family and simultaneously watched their Dutch Bros. franchise grow into not only a community phenomenon, but a life-changing company with a culture of caring and giving. 

“I worked at Dutch Bros. in Southern Oregon as a night guy for the two brothers who started the company,” says Chris. “I always loved interacting with people, making drinks, making an impact, and having a blast at work. Fast forward and I was given the opportunity to bring DB to Redding.”

Chris and Erin, along with their business, have become a staple in the fabric of the community. They’ve been a strong example to all business owners and entrepreneurs of not only what is possible, but what it looks like to cultivate a healthy work environment. “It’s a local success story from people who have roots here,” they shared.  

Many things draw people in our community to Dutch Bros., whether it be their coffee, their blended drinks or simply their genial and genuinely kind staff. Chris and Erin say it’s ultimately the people that are responsible for the heart, passion, and success of the franchise.

“We’re proud to have partnered with so many young people’s dreams and goals, many who remain in the company long-term. So many people in our community at one point in time worked at Dutch Bros.,” Resners say. “Thousands of people have been employed by us over the years and we’re extra thankful for those who have stayed local and invested in our community.”

It’s the company’s contagious pay-it-forward mentality that might find you in a Dutch Bros. line, pulling up to the window, to learn the person ahead of you has already paid for your drink, or that one of their employees upgraded your drink in a random act of kindness.

“Finding ways to surprise customers inspires us,” Chris and Erin say. “We encourage our crew to use their best judgment to hook customers up with a free drink or reward. It’s just one way we can go above and beyond for people, leave a lasting memory or simply make their day. Not a lot of other companies have the freedom to do things like that and it’s something that has always motivated us.”

The Resners employ approximately 250 people across their eight locations in the North State, and beginning February, they’ll be adding two locations in Red Bluff to their franchise. Out of those hundreds of loyal employees, many take growth opportunities to move up in the company.

“Seeing people who have worked for us step into opportunities of growth within the company has been super rewarding,” they say. “We’ve had friends who have worked for us open their own franchises, one with over five hundred employees now, and have seen many more become Regional Operators of their own DB area across many states.”

But it’s not just career opportunities where Dutch Bros. is changing lives. Each year, the Resners participate in givebacks that are both company-wide as well as unique to their franchise, supporting local non-profits and those in need. One of their favorites is in partnership with Northern Valley Catholic Social Services where their crew comes together to pack and deliver hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need. 

“I’m super proud of the impact we’ve made through givebacks like this and the positivity, kindness, and generosity we’re able to spread in our community,” Resners shared. “We take a lot of pride in being a locally owned and operated business and feel honored to be raising our four children here. We love Redding. We love giving back to the community, and we believe we live in one of the best places in the country.”

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