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Dr. Todd Royse believes because he’s been there.

The Chiropractic First doctor was on the pre-med track at UCLA preparing to become a surgeon. But life  intervened. “I got in a terrible mountain bike crash and found myself with a spinal fracture and broken ribs,” Dr. Royse says. 

In debilitating pain, nothing seemed to work and the prescription medication only worked to mask the pain. “I met an amazing Chiropractor who worked diligently to locate the root of the problem, getting me back on the mountain,” he says. “He didn’t try to mask with medications but showed me how amazing the body is, and how everything is interconnected. This Chiropractor changed my life in such a profound way.”

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So much so that Dr. Royse changed his educational path. Twenty-three years later, Dr. Royse and his amazing staff at Chiropractic First are dedicated to bringing healing and life to the community through Chiropractic.

“We use the most scientifically researched system of spinal correction and rehabilitation anywhere in the world, Chiropractic BioPhysics, and can help people correct problems previously thought impossible,” Dr. Royse says. 

From infants to the elderly, Dr. Royse and staff treat issues ranging from posture correction, disc issues, scoliosis, sciatica, neck problems and more. They also offer pregnancy care and sports Chiropractic. Chiropractic First’s detailed website,, has scores of information on services, what new patients can expect and blog entries dealing with certain ailments.

“It’s such a tremendous honor to be able to serve families from the time the children first draw breath up to the grandparents and great grandparents,” Dr. Royse says. “We have some families who currently have four generations coming in to see us regularly.”

His biggest joys come from seeing people embrace Chiropractic care and discover a new way to relieve their pain. “Our biggest challenge is that people suffer from not knowing that something can be done about their problem,” he says. “They often think that the only answer is drugs or surgery.  We’ve heard so many times, ‘Why didn’t somebody tell me about this before?’ We love hearing that, but we want to help the rest of the amazing people of our community get healthy, too.”

Dr. Royse and staff work with patients to diagnose and develop a plan that puts them on the road to health and recovery, knowing that it’s the reason he got into medicine. “It’s inspirational seeing people do things they never thought they could do again and going out and tackling new challenges because they’re feeling so fantastic,” he says.

Chiropractic First
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