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We live in a 21st century world, where the need for a college education is greater than ever. But the process can be confusing and even intimidating. And for those who are looking to become first-generation college students, it can seem doubly so.

That’s why College & Career Options is so vital to North State families. They provide free programs and services to help students of all ages and their families make informed decisions about post-high school educational opportunities.

“There is a need in Northern California, especially in the more rural communities, that needs to be fulfilled,” says owner Lianne Richelieu-Rocha. “Any time we get to help a student reach their goal of going to college or helping someone find and pursue their passions, that makes us proud of the work that we do.”

The College & Career Options website – – is a great resource and starting point for parents and students looking to navigate the process. From FAFSA to college planning tools to things as simple as “Where to start,” the website is a trove of valuable information. “Our goal is to help people achieve their goals in education and a career driven direction,” says Richelieu-Rocha. “We are a nonprofit company, so we do not charge for our services.”

They work with educational institutions, offices of education from throughout Northern California and other entities to promote and simplify the steps needed to ensure a student is college ready as well as offering resources for the entrance process. “We serve multiple counties in Northern California,” Richelieu-Rocha says, including Shasta, Tehama, Siskiyou, Trinity and Modoc counties.

They’re located at 1321 Butte St., Suite 101 in Redding. “If you have any questions about our services and programs please feel free to contact us at (530)244-4022,” she says.

College & Career Options hosts and assists with numerous events throughout the year, all with the goal of raising college-going awareness. The payoff from their work can change not only the world, but the fate of an individual and his or her family.

“A few years back there was a girl who wanted to go to college in Southern California but she and her dad didn’t know how they would be able to afford it,” says Richelieu-Rocha. “Through our Financial Aid Services department, we were able to help her fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and look for scholarships and grants that could help her achieve her goal. She proceeded on and went to college and was able to pursue her career aspirations.”

College Career Options
1321 Butte St. #101
(530) 244-4022

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