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Counseling breakthroughs are powerful and freeing moments. They require work on the part of the patient and therapist, but can often be life-altering.

“I get completely inspired by the bravery and resilience of clients who have lived a lifetime of pain and emotional torment,” says Keith Manner, co-founder of Creekside Counseling Center Inc. “I have the privilege of seeing these clients stand in their truth and walk the path they choose.”

Founded in 1998 – it’s been a nonprofit for the past 17 years – Creekside Counseling strives to provide mental health counseling and grow as an organization to fulfill that mission. They offer counseling for individuals, families, couples, children and adolescents with marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers and psychologists. A financially independent center, Creekside exists on client co-pays and insurance reimbursements, accepting many major providers.

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“I think most people want to understand personal counseling and what’s behind the curtain,” says Manner, “and how talking to a therapist can help them or a loved one improve their quality of life.”

In the age of COVID, Creekside has remained open to best accommodate their clients’ needs, but also has adapted to use telehealth and phone sessions. The highly skilled and trained professionals at Creekside Counseling work with their clients on first discovering their needs in counseling and working on a treatment plan to help unlock clarity, healing and the chance for a more peaceful life.

Manner says breakthroughs and healing are always significant and special, but a few stand out as truly life-altering. “There are many examples of magical moments that melt your heart,” he says. “However, I will always remember the little boy who was tormented by night terrors. I had the honor of teaching him to relax his body and tap out a ‘butterfly hug’ while selecting his dream. The smile on his face and the relaxed sense of control offered that little boy a gift of nighttime peace.”

Manner is also inspired by those who’ve successfully completed treatment and were so moved they enrolled in a graduate school program to become a therapist themselves.

And perhaps Creekside Counseling’s biggest strength is in its stable of more than 25 therapists, knowing that healing and successful counseling comes with “the right fit.” They go over intake paperwork with the patient and then work to find a therapist that is best able to help that person.

“Potential clients are all faced with the vital responsibility to pick the right therapist,” Manner says, adding that referrals are a great place to start. “The most important test of a new therapist relationship is the ‘goodness of fit’ that the client experiences in the first session. When the client experiences optimism, hopefulness and connection in the first session, that is a good fit.”

Creekside Counseling Center Inc.
1170 Industrial St., Redding
(530) 722-9957

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