Dunamis Wellness

Healthy living is all-encompassing. That’s why Dunamis Wellness helps take care of mind as well as body and soul. Since 2017, Dunamis Wellness has focused on creating “trauma-informed care to help individuals, families and couples learn to be healthy, whole, and live well.”

Having grown up in the health/fitness industry, Jill Clark knew the joy of helping others reach their full potential. Yet, as she went to graduate school, she saw how little mental health was included in the overall health equation.

“I began to see just how little mental health was actually talked about, let alone even addressed,” Clark says. “That moment of recognition inspired me to combine mental health with health/fitness. So I created Dunamis Wellness – a place where all kinds of providers could work under the same roof, allowing for seamless coordination of client care between multiple areas of wellness.”

Dunamis Wellness offers an array of counseling – individual, marriage, family. A Clinical Psychologist and a Behavioralist/BCBA – along with other services ranging from TMS, Neurofeedback, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, SELPA and school contracts and telehealth services. Additionally, integrative nutritional counseling, health coaching, a Naturopathic  Physician,.  and spa services like Cryoskin, massages, facials and sugaring and waxing also are available. They also manage Simpson University placement for master level students. Their easy-to-navigate website also answers many questions and provides clients with helpful information and tips. The providers accept many insurance plans and offer reduced-fee rates based on family size and income.

They work throughout Shasta County with all ages with locations in Downtown Redding at 748 Market St., and by Old Alturas, 1465 Victor Ave. with a Chico Location coming in the Fall.

“We work at creating cutting-edge trauma treatment programs, where we like to look at the whole person and see the ‘why’ behind the struggle in order to help our clients heal and move forward,” says Clark, adding proudly that Dunamis Wellness is a female-owned business. “We’re also developing an autism behavioral project and are expanding as we see needs appear throughout the community.” “We have a team of extremely talented providers  who love what they do. Their goal is to provide excellent service and create a safe space for clients to heal.”

And Clark knows Dunamis Wellness is just getting started. “Our heart is to see healing on a major scale for all individuals, children, and families throughout Shasta County and beyond,” she says. “Helping clients find their own path forward in their lives – that’s something that has always inspired me. And this carries over into how Dunamis operates – we’re always looking for new and creative ways to help our clients. We know that one size does not fit all, so we’re constantly exploring and thinking outside of the box of typical mental health agencies.”

Case is point, Clark says, is a client who recently came to Dunamis Wellness feeling depressed and like her life was stuck and “on hold.” The client hadn’t ventured out much and was on several different medications. After a thorough wellness assessment, Dunamis worked with the client with counseling,  Neurofeedback as well as health coaching.

“She began to transform and started to live again,” Clark says.

Dunamis Wellness
1465 Victor Ave STE B, Redding
(530) 338-0087

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