Estate Granite

From deep in the Earth’s surface to your home, Estate Granite transforms the promise of natural beauty into an impressive, one-of-a-kind project that is sure to dazzle.

From kitchens to bathrooms and hearths to outdoor barbecues, fire pits and even furniture, Michael Huber and crew at Estate Granite meticulously craft individualized projects for home and commercial properties.

“My favorite quote is ‘work hard in silence; let your success be the noise,’” Huber says. 

And judging by the many satisfied customers, Estate Granite is a cut above. “Thanks for the great job on our kitchen! Your quality workmanship added style and class to a drab and lifeless room,” writes Tom Schmidt at “All your staff were helpful and did just what they said and when they said . . . something VERY hard to find nowadays. Keep up the great work . . . today Redding and tomorrow the world for you and your awesome ideas.”

In sales most of his adult life, Huber built his first custom home in 2003. It was there that he discovered a passion. “This process of creating something from conception to reality brought out my creative juices with everything being perfect, except my stone work,” he says. “So, I started a granite business with a friend soon after, and 17 years later I’m still on this journey.”

Remembering the beginnings drives Huber to make each job perfect. “Every project is unique and personal, not just another paycheck,” he says.

Huber takes control of each project, one reason his 9,500-square foot Mountain Lakes Boulevard showroom is open by appointment only. “This way I maintain control and the best customer service, with highest quality fabrication and installation,” he says.

The stone is stored in the air-conditioned showroom, out of direct sunlight, and overseen by Griffin, “the official Labradoodle shop dog.”

“My amazing crew and a few automated machines to do the hard stuff,” Huber says. “It’s the perfect experience of an interior designer meeting an OCD contractor.”

Raised on a Whitmore farm, Huber knows the value of hard work and a man’s word. He graduated from Enterprise High School and, after a military stint, studied at Shasta College while working three jobs to get ahead.

“My father always told me to set goals with dreams attached to them, then ‘Plan your work, work your plan,’” he says.

In his off time – “I believe in balance and recharging your batteries,” he says – Huber and Griffin love to go fast in the dunes or desert in their Razor side-by-side, race in his Corvette or do autocross at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in his Mini Cooper. He also misses working with the Colt .45s baseball team and Rick Bosetti.

“I am an adrenaline junkie, but it brings balance in my professional life,” he says.

And when he’s back on the job, Huber and crew are all in.

“Time, quality, money – you can’t have two without affecting the third,” he says.

For Estate Granite and your home, it’s a winning combination.

Estate Granite & Marble
4900 Mountain Lakes Blvd # C, Redding
(530) 241-7866

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