House, Beautiful

The Desmond House…

Want to know Redding’s best kept secret?

It’s the Desmond House – a relaxing home overlooking the Sacramento River.

The Desmond House was built in 1905 by John T. Desmond and features two charming, but luxurious, bedrooms for rent individually or together.

“Visitors get to stay in a historic home with an eclectic blend of antiques and oddities,” says owner Greg Reimann, who has been in business for the past 15 years. Guests can easily book rooms and find out more information on their website.

The hardest part about staying at the Desmond House might be choosing which room to book. Visitors can choose between the Desmond Room and the Brooks Room.

The Desmond Room is the romantic master suite that includes a queen bed, antique dresser and nightstands. The room includes an attached private bathroom with shower along with plush bathrobes. 

The Brooks Room is named after Thomas Brooks, an important Brooklyn cabinet maker in the mid-19th Century. It features two pieces of furniture made by Mr. Brooks around 1867, including the unique bed. It’s truly like taking a step back in time when craftsmen built furniture with pride and care. The Brooks Room also includes a private bathroom with shower and those plush robes.

“The Desmond House is really about creating a relaxing space for the traveler to recharge and relax,” says Reimann. 

And the Riverside Drive location is a perfect place to chill out or start your North State adventures. 

Recently converted to a conduit for the magnificent trail system through Redding, Riverside Drive offers a place to hop on a bike and explore the River Trail with the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Exploration Park within an easy riding distance. 

Or perhaps, you’d rather sit on the garden patio sipping wine and catching up with friends or spending time with your sweetheart. Either way, a stay at the Desmond House is the place for out-of-town guests or a chance to find a getaway oasis in your one hometown.

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