HubBub Properties

Eighteen years ago, Deborah Perry started a property management company with 10 rental units. Today, Hubbub Properties specializes in the marketing and leasing of single- and multi-family homes with a personalized touch for landlords and tenants who want a higher standard of service.

“I can’t promise that you won’t have problems if we manage your rental investment,” says Perry, noting Hubbub’s expertise in the constantly changing landscape of tenant/landlord law, “but I can promise that you will be grateful to have our expertise and skills to deal with any tenant issues that arise.”

Hubbub Properties was born in 2003 when Perry’s friends were disappointed with their property management company. It was a small operation – Perry ran the units alone while raising a toddler and 6-month-old – that grew into the preeminent place for finding or renting homes and apartments in the North State. They now employ six people.

“We provide quality property management services for residential and commercial properties.” Perry says. “As the business owner, my key to success is for me and my staff to be relational and systematic. We have the experience that makes us experts in the field. Most importantly, we have integrity and you can trust us with your real estate investment.”

Hubbub Properties has a constantly updated website that serves both tenants and landlords. The property search is slick and easy to use, and the website also offers a portal to pay rent. On the owner’s side, Hubbub Properties works with landlords not only to market their house or apartment, but to screen potential tenants and ensure maintenance and upkeep of the property is top notch.

“We are a local company that not only cares for properties we manage, but cares about the impact we have on our neighborhoods,” says Perry, who enjoys giving back to her community and is president-elect of Redding East Rotary. “I care about people and I love when I can use my knowledge and skills to help, whether that be someone looking for a rental or an owner trying to navigate a complicated legal process. I love it when I can take a messy situation and resolve it.”

And while most rentals are smooth, Perry says the benefits of the job extend beyond a business transaction and down to the personal level. From sitting with a homeowner and her daughter because her mother had to leave for an assisted living facility to helping a daughter grieve the loss of a parent as they work to inspect the inherited family home, and even donating Perry’s son’s baby clothes to a tenant in need, Hubbub is more than just a transactional business.

“I am really good at managing properties, but I hope I also have shown both tenants and homeowners that I care and hope my company has helped people,” she says. 

Why Hubbub? Well, Perry says you’ll just have to stop by the office at 841 Hartnell Ave. to ask.

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