Lead by Example

Since the beginning of time, the indigenous people of the North State have cared for and nurtured the land most of us now call home. Since its restored federal recognition in 1983, the Redding Rancheria Tribe has cared for its people and been a beacon of philanthropy in the North State community as a whole.

The guiding principles of the Rancheria are serving others, working together, doing what’s right, embracing change, respecting differences and balancing life. “The strength of our Tribe lies in honoring our elders, building healthy families and promoting self-reliance in our members,” Tribe CEO Tracy Edwards says. “We lead by example in community development, philanthropy and diversity to provide a secure future for the Tribe and contribute to a vibrant economy.”

The Rancheria has roughly 375 members but serves more than 10,000 native people in the Shasta, Trinity and neighboring counties. A sovereign nation, Redding Rancheria is proud of its tribal culture, history and identity. 

Redding Rancheria provides services to its members, employees, and the community, including tribal government and court, community services, healthcare, economic development, Head Start, childcare and more. They operate an Economic Development Corporation in order to create economic opportunities, ensure pride, profitability and self-sufficiency for present and future generations. 

They also operate four healthcare clinics – one in Trinity, two in Redding and one in Shasta Lake City. They are one of the largest employers in Shasta County and helped deliver more than 10,000 vaccines to the community.

Perhaps the most visible part of the Redding Rancheria is its Win-River Casino and Hotel, which was opened in 1993. “The future of our people inspires us,” Edwards says. “We practice every day that what we do will affect us for seven generations. We preserve and celebrate our culture and live the traditions of our ancestors while building a brighter world for generations to come.”

The Redding Rancheria knows from being here since the beginning of time that caring for the land and its people by making the community a better place to live honors those that have come before. “We invest in our youth and adults, knowing that they will create the future with the strength of our ancestors,” says Edwards. “We empower them with knowledge and skills for a changing world.”

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