Market Street Blade & Barrel

There’s no way Brenon and Scott Odell could have known what they were in for when they opened Market Street Blade and Barrel on Jan. 1, 2020.

The father-and-son endeavor was set to transform a restaurant that’d been around under different ownership for 20 years. They were going to take loyal customers, a great location and infuse it with their industry experience and transform it into Redding’s go-to spot.

“We set out to serve the upper echelon of food and beverages that Redding has to offer along with unprecedented customer service,” the Odells say.

Then COVID hit.

Undaunted, the Odells forged ahead and as the town, county and country emerges from the pandemic, Market Street Blade and Barrel has made a name for itself with amazing food, legendary customer service and a decadent selection at their whiskey bar.

“We had to pivot through COVID to keep our restaurant alive,” Scott Odell says. “Every week it was adapting to something new and creative to keep business flowing, customers happy, while serving some of the best entrees and craft cocktails in town. We are coming out of COVID even stronger than could have imagined.”

And that’s because the Odells’ focus from the beginning has been creating the ultimate dining experience. Open for lunch and dinner – plus special occasions like Easter and Mother’s Day brunch – Market Street Blade and Barrel is somewhere you have to visit multiple times in order to sample everything their menu has to offer.

From a pre-dinner cocktail to a scrumptious appetizer, Market Street Blade and Barrel gets you primed for the main course. And whether you opt for a dynamite salad, an entree like the miso honey salmon or an excellent cut of steak, you’re sure to walk away satisfied … and full.

“We cut our New York and ribeye steaks in house,” says Scott Odell, who adds they also sell their jalapeno and bacon ranch dressing at local grocery stores. “Our whiskey bar serves almost 300 different whiskeys as well as other handcrafted libations that include vodka, gin, rum and tequila.”

And whether you’re out on an anniversary dinner, having a meal before seeing a show steps away at the Cascade Theatre, meeting friends for lunch or having a nightcap, Market Street Blade and Barrel will have you telling friends just how special the outing was. In addition to indoor dining, they offer “the best outdoor dining downtown with two huge evaporative coolers with seating in the shade.”

Market Street Blade and Barrel has one of the strongest social media presences in the game and it’s an effective way to keep up-to-date with menu changes, food and drink specials or just fun photos from a staff enjoying what they do – bring joy to Redding diners through their outstanding food.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality food and beverages that we would eat and drink and to treat and serve our guests the way they want to be treated,” Odell says.

And for 18-plus months, it’s been a winning formula.

Market Street Blade & Barrel
1777 Market St, Redding
(530) 241-1777

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