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Cassie Gyves knows a real estate transaction is something more.   It’s a personal transaction.

It’s investing herself and time in her clients to find the right place for them.

“My mission is to provide a personal approach to real estate by building relationships with individuals and helping them find their journey to home,” she says.

Born and raised in the North State, Gyves is passionate about her community and making it a better place for her family, her children and her clients.

“I am a local girl,” she says. “My heart, soul and roots are deep in this community.

“I’m passionate about helping my clients feel safe in their contractual interactions. It’s not about rushing through, but slowing down and helping them understand exactly what’s happening.”

She’s especially passionate about empowering women to build wealth, be financially strong and seek their dreams.

That’s why she’s recently rebranded her company to SheSells it – the website is

The easy-to-navigate, informative and useful website offers a look at Gyves, while also spotlighting the many listings available in and around Redding.

“The ‘She’ is Me,” she says. “We are female owned, female operated and a female-empowered team.”

And Gyves walks the walk, owning property in downtown as well as her home on the outskirts of Redding. She’s also a huge proponent of making her hometown a better place through art and “The Wishing Wall” that brings amazing art to spots around town.

“I recently collaborated with a north state artist, Maren Conrad, to create the ‘Redding Wishing Wall,’” she says. “This continues to be a passion project for me, as I believe in the power of transforming and seeing the deeper beauty within such a dark space such as the alley.”

“The messaging and invitation is for others to interact and make their own wishes and dreams come true.”

Because whether it’s community art that brightens everyone’s day or helping someone find their home, Gyves works to make her corner of the world better.

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