Phoenix Charter Academy

Phoenix Charter Academy offers a chance for your student to rise.

This K-12 independent study homeschool charter in Redding provides educational choice for families who wish to educate their children in a home environment.

“We believe that individual differences and the uniqueness of each child are to be supported and celebrated,” PCA’s governing board and staff write. “Our mission is to serve students through personalized learning and to support parental choice in education. We encourage all students to strive for academic excellence.”

They work with parents to find curriculum choices, enrichment classes and college-prep lessons to prepare their students for an ever-changing and emerging 21st Century world. Begun in 2017, PCA offers WASC-accredited programs designed for each student. It offers a personalized innovative education to students in concert with their families. 

“We value and deeply respect parent choice in our charter school model,” PCA writes. “Our students outperform the students in Shasta County and the state of California. Check out the dashboard on our website.”

And speaking of its website – – it’s a crisp, colorful and informative look at all the happenings at PCA. It covers the gamut of academic programs, offers information on concurrent college coursework and provides detailed information tailored to both students and parents.

“We have paired up with several providers to offer an effective blended learning model to our families,” PCA writes. “This model combines a technology-centered educational platform with a more traditional program.”

Student learning takes many forms through PCA, including online instruction and activities, with textbook help. Students also attend learning labs at the resource center or meet with a teacher regularly face-to-face to deepen understanding and interact with peers.

In the independent study model, the parent is the primary educator and PCA supports them with all necessary instructional material and modeling. “This program option provides the most choice and flexibility and allows the parent to engage in a wide variety of educational methodologies,” PCA writes. “In the PCA independent study/homeschool program, we partner with the parent to provide as much support as necessary to ensure an enriching, dynamic and academic education for the child.”

PCA’s resource center is staffed with competent teachers and tutors trained in distance and homeschool education. 

The school’s flexibility allows students to attend classes up to two days per week, where they’re given direction, instruction, engaging lessons and interactive group work. Assignments are provided by the core teachers for the non-site school days and those assignments are turned in to that same teacher on the next scheduled class day. Work is put into an online gradebook that students and parents can check regularly to ensure that the student is on target. In addition, students in grades K–8, who are in an independent study program but want some teacher and peer interaction, may choose the enrichment option. This option is one day per week and provides academic, engaging, fun enrichment classes.

“The students inspire us every day,” PCA writes, adding the staff and faculty are honored “that our PCA families trust us with their most precious/priceless gift of sharing their children with us.”

Phoenix Charter Academy
2195 Larkspur Ln #100, Redding
(530) 222-9275

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