Raliberto’s is a throwback – a little taste of the San Diego-style Mexican food smack dab in Redding.

From the first store in the Southland to its current 13 stores (including Anderson, Redding and Weaverville),Raliberto’s has been serving up authentic, homemade Mexican food since 1993. “All our food is made fresh in house every day,” said Roberto Hernandez Jr., who along with his father, Roberto Sr., has helped the franchise grow.

And why wouldn’t it? One trip to Raliberto’s and you’ll be hooked. From their giant burritos to fish tacos and enchiladas to tortas, tostadas and the perfect breakfast burritos, you can’t go wrong at Raliberto’s. And don’t forget to try the carne asada fries.

It’s no wonder their customers rave online about the offerings: “Love this shop!!!! Nicely seasoned meats and great tasting verde sauce. I usually get their street taco deal with a side of rice and beans,” writes one of many satisfied customers. “Friendly service and always fresh and hot food. It’s the only taco shop I’ve been going to lately, to be honest. Definitely recommend your taco fix!”

The latest Raliberto’s location, at the intersection of California and Placer streets, has been a hit from the start, even through the pandemic. “We’ve built the franchise through face-to- face contact with people who have actually sought us out. These people become extended family to us,” Hernandez said of Raliberto’s growth.

He said growing Raliberto’s alongside his father and with the divine providence from God is inspiring. “When my parents gave me the opportunity to stay in school or join the family business, the decision to go into business for myself and love people was the best decision I ever made,” he says, adding his biggest achievement is working alongside his parents. He’s proud of “the rapid growth and risk we have taken, and helping others become the best version of themselves.” 

He says the Raliberto’s story is similar to the McDonald’s story – “feeding the community and feeding souls.”

“I am so thankful for the customers that support us,” Hernandez says. “They are the ones that have made it possible to grow so quickly. We take big chances in life growing as fast as we have. Again, if it were not for our supporters and our high-risk lifestyle that includes trusting others and forming trusting relationships quickly, we would not be where we are today.”

And, he says, the rewards far exceed the risks. “You don’t hear people encouraging others very much these days,” he says. “I can’t express this strongly enough. People need to hear encouragement out loud. Our focus is to always be lifting our employees, franchisees and people up.”

Raliberto’s Taco Shop
155 Lake Blvd, Redding
(530) 241-1341

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