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Sarah Major and Kaitlyn Holland know eco-friendly and locally owned are a winning combination. That’s why the pair started Simple Living Company in 2020 with the aim to bring products for the kitchen, bathroom and personal care that are not only all natural and non-toxic, but eco-friendly, organic and sourced here in the North State.

“We take pride in being the new ‘go-to’ spot for home cleaning and personal-care products, while only offering products of the highest quality and the simplest ingredients. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or additives in our products,” says Major, an entrepreneur and social media influencer. “We are simple people at heart. We value the good in the little things and believe that what is natural and from the Earth is the highest quality available.”

Simple Living’s products are available at its store – 1507 Division St #3 – or via its Instagram page @simplelivingshop or by shopping online at They also offer wholesale and can be found in various local shops.

“We give the local community the opportunity to never buy plastic again, and we pride ourselves in being a small, sustainably sourced store where people can shop. It’s refreshing to not have to go to a big box store that’s not locally owned or that doesn’t reinvest its money into the local community and doesn’t focus on reducing consumer waste.”

Customers can also buy products in bulk. 

“We have all your home-care products.” Major says. “Window and bathroom cleaner, as well as laundry, dish, and hand soap are available in our bulk section. Customers are more than welcome to fill up their own containers from home.”

Major goes on to share how their non-toxic tallow and shea moisturizers have been a miracle worker for their customers battling various skin issues, “While we can’t give any medical advice, the testimonials from our tallow and shea have been the most beautiful story for us since we have opened. Customers with rosacea and eczema swear by our tallow. None of us were expecting to see such a large impact on dry skin, but here in Redding with our heat and dry winds…it’s a huge win.”

In short, Simple Living wants to “offer a unique, pleasant shopping experience to the community, while focusing on reducing waste and promoting health and wholeness.”

Originally owned and started by Camille Knudsen as “The Wild Radish,” Major and Holland knew beginning a business venture during the COVID-19 rollercoaster would be tricky, but they’ve been amazed at the backing from the North State community.

“Our first few months were met with unbelievable support from the community and have made the first year one filled with excitement, growth and more opportunity than we could have imagined,” says Major, adding that Knudsen still offers all-natural massages, including cupping, in a private room inside Simple Living Co.’s downtown boutique.

And it’s Major and Holland’s store that also excites them for the future – being part of a downtown revitalization. 

“We love being part of the Downtown Redding business community and cannot wait to take part in the completed River Trail project along with Ball Plaza,” says Major. “We look forward to being part of the revitalization and reasons for the community to visit and hang out in downtown again.”

Good for the environment and good for the community – now that’s a win-win.

Simple Living Company
1507 Division St #3, Redding
(530) 638-4709

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