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Riverside Eyecare has been focused on your vision health for more than 20 years. Now, it has its sights set on being your complete eye care stop. Family owned, Riverside was committed more on surgery and disease management, but wanted to add to the practice and make it a one-stop place for better vision.

“We wanted to provide a high standard of care with quality products that provided and created the truly desired result – better vision,” says Dr. Michael Sumsion. “We are a one-stop shop for everyone in the family.”

Dr. Sumsion started the practice and has been joined by his sons who returned home to serve as an ophthalmologist and practice administrator. He’s joined in providing top-notch eye care by Dr. Sean Sumsion and Dr. Jordan Evans.

“We have grown with the Redding community over the past 25 years and are thankful to have been integral to the health and eyecare of so many local families,” Dr. Michael Sumsion says. Already a leader in the North State for decades, Riverside Eyecare added in 2019 a dedicated space for optical and added an optometrist to enhance the care for its patients.

Riverside Eyecare still performs surgery on cataracts, refractive surgery as well as caring for a host of other maladies and conditions while also providing eye exams and corrective eyewear for its patients. You can learn more about all the services they provide and other pertinent information such as insurance at

“This is unique not only to Redding, but we are unaware that this exists anywhere in the nation,” Dr. Sumsion says proudly. “I feel my past experience of being and having a practice that provided certain services but had limitations due to focus-based portioned services has brought me to a place of great appreciation and thankfulness to work with a full and complete inclusive practice. Riverside Eyecare has had a reputation of high-quality eye care for more than 20 years. Adding this optical ‘wing’ completes the care circle.”

Having the complete package allows Riverside Eyecare to focus on its most important mission – outcomes, “our outcomes of success in relation to people’s overall health, vision and quality of life,” Dr. Sumsion says.

That runs the gamut from filling an eyeglass prescription to eye surgery. “There have been times when emergency intervention was needed to save someone’s vision,” Dr. Sumsion says. “We don’t have to refer them. We can walk them straight into surgery and leave with even serious issues fully resolved. Getting to be a part of a great sphere of eye care such as this is very rewarding. This makes us unique/different from any other practice in the area.”

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