Anderson’s Fine Jewelry

Anderson’s Fine Jewelry was founded in 2000 when we opened our doors in the Redding Hilltop Town & Country. Prior to that, Steve Anderson was a freelance jeweler and has 43 years of experience. 

Each day, Anderson’s strives to provide excellent service, quality craftsmanship and unique family heirlooms. 

“Our goal is always to provide a welcoming experience for all our clients,” Steve and Teresa Anderson say. “From changing a watch battery or helping select a gift to creating a custom piece we put our heart and energy into making the process a wonderful experience.”

Anderson’s Fine Jewelry was created in pursuit of the American dream. The Andersons wanted to build an environment where they could create, revitalize and restore jewelry and timepieces from all eras. They also have worked to build relationships with and pour back into the community. And maybe most importantly to be able to make our customer’s jewelry dreams come true.

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Anderson’s Fine Jewelry is a full-service jewelers (which means we create pieces start to finish in house) that uses the newest technology in our field to ensure quality craftsmanship. 

“We have a long history within this community,” Steve and Teresa say. “My (Steve’s) dad was a watchmaker before me and those that he serviced over the years are also customers of ours. We care about the people that walk through our doors. They aren’t just another face or sale, they are a person with their own story and desire to create special moments and memories in their own lives. 

“We care about those moments and do our best to help make them as special as possible. Whether it’s hand-delivering a package, or fixing a piece that they thought was impossible to fix, we will always go the extra mile for our customers because they are our family.”

And over the years, there have been so many special moments for the Anderson, including two in the last few years following the Carr Fire.

“Our community has been through multiple fires in the past couple of years,” they says. “We had the privilege of bringing back to life a few pieces of jewelry that were severely fire damaged. To see our client cry with joy and relief that they had at least one thing they were able to fully salvage from their home is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.”

Anderson’s Fine Jewelry stands by its work and wants to offer a welcoming experience with authentic, unique and genuine pieces that represent the message they are wanting to communicate to their loved ones. 

“We are also proud to say we have been awarded “Best of the North State – Jewelry Store” year after year,” Steve and Teresa say.

Even after 20 years, the couple remains inspired to craft one-of-a-kind pieces for their customers.

“We get inspired by anything,” they says. “The flow of creativity is unique and often doesn’t take the same path every time. Nature, a cut on a gem, putting a texture onto metal, all of these things can inspire new projects. Each piece is a challenge of its own and we like to be able to take the time to work out its language. People also bring inspiration and we love seeing the happiness on their faces when they see our finished work.”

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