Bodywork Innovations

Three years ago, Sally Bethea-Holt changed the name of her business to reflect the focus on medical wellness, and Bodywork Innovations was born.

Bodywork Innovations offers a plethora of services designed for clients to regenerate, renew and heal.

Trained in the Hellerwork structural integration, which is based on Ida Roff methodology, Bethea-Holt and Bodywork Innovations brings 35-plus years of experience to work in restorative massage techniques. Bethea-Holt studied under Joseph Heller at Hellerwork International. The Hellerwork method releases unwanted tension and postures from your body for more flexibility and movement. Benefits include fuller and easier breathing, improved posture, freedom from chronic pain and injuries, enhanced flexibility and expended energy and vitality.

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Bethea-Holt has been practicing Bodywork for more than 34 years, although she has been unable to perform the actual method as of late as she recovers from a serious injury. She continues to teach the movement re-education for Hellerwork in the meantime. She is still formally on the faculty for Hellerwork International and has been on the board for American Hellerwork for over 18 years.

In addition to her Hellerwork Structural Integration treatment, Bodywork Innovations offers a Full Spectrum Sauna, where infrared light is used to “penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits, making infrared saunas one of the ‘hottest’ therapies for overall healthier living.” She is also trained in the A O Scan Digital Body Analyzer, which uses infrared and electromagnetic signals to detect frequency imbalances in the subtle energy of your organs, tissues, cells and even in your DNA. (This is not a medical device and does not diagnose treat or cure any diseases). 

Another offering at Bodywork Innovations is The Healing Touch. The Healing Tough “utilizes only very light or near-body touch to influence the energy field that penetrates and surrounds the body.” Bethea-Holt received her Healing Touch training from Healing Beyond Borders. Craniosacral therapy and MediCupping are among the other offerings at Bodywork Innovations.

Originally from Pasadena, Bethea-Holt grew up on an 80-acre farm northeast of Redding where she attended Central Valley High School and Shasta College. An athlete, Bethea-Holt lettered in field hockey, gymnastics, baseball and track and field. She is also graduated from Manifest Health Center School of Massage in 1986 and attended Upledger Institute International for craniosacral training. 

“I am a spiritual person,” she says. “I like supporting my spiritual life, family, friends and community. I write poetry and am caring and passionate about learning all I can to help myself and clients.”

Additionally, she’s a proud supporter of the U.S. military, as her son served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, enlisting in 2008.

“I knew he wanted to go, so I made up my mind to support him to the best of my ability,” she says, adding that she joined a website for recruit parents. “I became very involved. I wrote inspiring letters of support for his platoon for all the different challenges they faced. The parents in my recruit parents group voted me the chaplain.”

While in the Marines, John Bethea went into aviation as an F-18 mechanic and upon completion of his service passed his national aviation mechanics licensing test. He’s currently the head mechanic and inspector at Benton Airpark in Redding.

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