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If Enjoy Magazine chronicles and highlights the best people, places and events in far Northern California, it’s only fitting that Enjoy the Store is a tactile representation of its namesake publication. Located in the heart of downtown Redding, Enjoy the Store is the embodiment of the magazine in real life.

“It was a bit serendipitous,” James Mazzotta says. “By the sixth or seventh issue of Enjoy Magazine, we were getting calls about where and how people could find the local products we’d written about.” Organically, Enjoy Magazine spawned Enjoy the Store.

“It seemed like a perfect transition to have a place where you could actually see and touch the things we wrote about – a brick-and-mortar shop to come alongside Enjoy Magazine,” Mazzotta says. And thus, Enjoy the Store came to be. For the past 10 years, its purpose of showcasing local artists, artisans and products made or grown in the North State region has been a delight to all who step through its Placer Street doors.

Jeannine Hendrickson Photography

Over the course of a decade, the store has had several hundred vendors and thousands of products. “We started with 25 vendors and now have worked with more than 1,600,” he says.

From handcrafted wood products to one-of-a-kind artwork, Enjoy the Store specializes in offering things found nowhere else. Gifts with a uniquely Northern California flair are available as are men’s and women’s clothing, books, postcards, locally made trinkets and even candy, fudge and taffy. In addition, Enjoy the Store sells some of the finest jams, jellies and other food products produced in Northern California.

Enjoy the Store is simply the perfect place to shop for birthdays, holidays or just when you want to give a piece of this great place we all call home. “Enjoy the Store promotes local artisans and creatives, as well as local orchardists and cottage food businesses. It’s a way to build up our community,” says Mazzotta. “As a marketing company, I’m proud to help that growth and I love to connect vendors together when I see a synergistic opportunity. There’s nothing like making two companies even better working together.”

The majority of the Enjoy team worked together at KMS (a hair-care product manufacturer founded in 1975) and have remained friends and co-workers since. Mazzotta can usually be found at Enjoy the Store and says the wonder he sees in people entering the store is priceless.

Recently, Enjoy the Store launched the Redding Goods Co. that features local products for people to send to family and friends throughout the world. “One of the things I love the most is when people discover that we’ve got great products that can compete with other companies anywhere in the world,” he says. “It’s satisfying to see people discover that vendor and watch that vendor grow.”

Enjoy the Store
1475 Placer St., Redding
(530) 298-9132


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