Mary’s Pizza Shack

From humble beginnings in Boyes Hot Springs to becoming a Shasta County staple, Mary’s Pizza Shack is a true American success story.

In 1959, Mary Fazio began serving guests in a tiny pink house converted into a restaurant. Using $700 and the pans from her own house, Mary’s Pizza Shack would grow to 17 restaurants strong, including Anderson and Redding locations.

“Although Mary’s started in Sonoma County, both Shasta County Shacks are locally owned and operated,” says Charlew Byerly, Fazio’s grandson. Just like his grandmother, Charlew and his wife Kathy carry on that can-do and entrepreneurial spirit that’s made Mary’s Pizza Shack a favorite for generations.

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While scores of families have enjoyed the delicious menu offerings, many of the Mary’s Pizza Shack staff have come and stayed through the year. KC and Stephanie have more than 50 years’ combined experience recreating Mary’s recipes.

“The Shack has many memories,” Byerly says. “Our crew is an extended family and we have several people working with us who started 15, 20 or 30-plus years ago. We moved our family here to raise our children and some of our extended Shack family moved here, too.”

Mary’s Pizza Shack has innovated with the times – their website offers the option to order online – but the sauces and soups are still handmade, the way Mary did it. The result is food that keeps you coming back and pizza that leaves you fighting for the last piece.

In addition to the two Shasta County locations, the Byerlys operate Mary’s thriving catering business and can usually be found dishing up delicious offerings somewhere in the county from spring to fall. And while COVID has been difficult on restaurants, Mary’s has adapted and put itself in a position to come out stronger on the other side.

“Purchasing the building in downtown Redding was exciting and felt like we’re really established solid business roots,” Byerly says. “Shutting our dining rooms and finding new ways to serve our family recipes has been a big challenge, but we’ve watched our community come together time and time again during extreme situations and it constantly inspires us.”

Innovations have come in the form of a delightful patio at the Redding location, new and faster ways to get guests their food and a self-serve beer wall. And while Mary Fazio passed away in 1999, her legacy of love, family and great food lives on.

“Over 60 years later, we still use the recipes, ingredients, love and care that we learned from Mary,” the Shack’s website says. “We invite you to come in and experience it for yourself; there’s always room in our family.”

Mary’s Pizza Shack
Anderson: 1901 Highway 273, (530) 378-1110
Redding: 1177 Shasta St., (530) 247-1110

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