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Ken Wood vividly remembers his church congregation praying about his hearing loss, comforting his mother who worried about her 8-year-old son’s congenital condition and that he had to wear hearing aids.  

After the service, in a show of maturity well beyond his 8 years of age, Wood recalls comforting her and telling her that something big was in store for him. “It’s OK, Mom. Maybe God has another plan for me,” Wood recalls.

That plan turned out to be service of others as Wood has owned UpState Hearing Instruments since 1990. A full-service office that offers a two-week test drive on all hearing technology, UpState Hearing Instruments has offices in Redding, Chico, Red Bluff, Susanville and Weaverville.

Additionally, its website ( not only guides patients and those curious about the advances in hearing technology, but provides blog entries that answer an array of questions. The website is easy to navigate and is packed with useful information.

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Wood remembers visiting local doctors shortly after purchasing the business that was founded in 1968, listening to their advice. “One elderly doctor said to me, ‘I am an advocate for my patients,’” Wood remembers. “That simple phrase had a huge impact on my and to this day our No. 1 core value is ‘We are advocates for the hard of hearing.’ It’s been my guiding value for more than 30 years.”

After all, Wood has faced many of the same challenges and questions that his clients have. “I think having an emotional understanding (of what our patients feel) always helps,” he says.

Nothing means more to Wood and his amazing staff of nine than seeing stress and tension melt away as their clients are able to freely communicate with family and friends. From the moment patient representatives Annie, Rene or Carole greet you to time spent working with hearing instrument specialists Scott or Joshua or hearing aid dispenser Christa and lab tech Julie, you know you’re in good hands. And behind it all, office manager Donna keeps things running smoothly, as she’s done for 20-plus years.

UpState Hearing Instruments offers comprehensive hearing assessments and is up to date with all the latest technology. “Hearing aids are high-tech and offer amazing features,” Wood says, adding that advancements are light years ahead of what was offered when the business first opened in 1968. “And we give everyone a two-week ‘test drive.’”

Wood is proud of how UpState Hearing Instruments is able to bring peace of mind to its clients even through these challenging times. “Looking back, I wanted to do it my way,” he says. “2020 has been a huge challenge, but I am more prepared for it, mentally and financially” and you have to know his 8-year-old self would be proud of this career path.

UpState Hearing Instruments
Redding: 1640 Tehama St. Suite B, (530) 243-7307
Red Bluff: 1215 Monroe St., (530) 529-3800
Chico: 676 E. 1st Ave., Suite 12, (530) 893-4327
Susanville: 900 Main St., Suite 4, (530) 243-7307
Weaverville: 216 South Miner St., (530) 243-7307

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