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Dr. Matthew Allen knows what his success can mean. That’s a big part of the “why” that led the Harvard medical school graduate and board-certified radiation oncologist to take a leap of faith in the middle of a global pandemic to start Valor Oncology.

Imagine a father surviving the toughest battle of his life and walking his daughter down the aisle or the mother being able to meet her first grandchild. These are the poignant moments that drive Dr. Allen to continue his work within this community.

Another driving force behind Valor Oncology is to cut through the noise that plagues physicians from fulfilling their true goals and the reason for initially choosing medicine – to help people. “We felt that Redding deserved more,” Dr. Allen says. “We wanted to take back control and put the focus back on patients and emphasize the doctor-patient relationship. Valor Oncology is not just an investment into improving the healthcare of the North State, but also an investment in the community.”

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His resolve is evident in the extraordinary renovation and modernization of their Dana Drive property across from the Mt. Shasta Mall. In addition to the sleek building, spa-like atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, the doctors strive to deliver patient-centered, comprehensive and compassionate care in a community cancer center using best practices, advanced treatment options and leading-edge technology.

Along with Dr. Allen, Dr. Erik Stickney, Dr. Harry Lomas IV and Dr. Jason Kehrer are local physicians who decided to build a practice with the “highest quality healthcare providers that would be the envy of any clinic in the country.” The physicians have trained in prestigious institutions including Harvard, the University of California at San Francisco and the National Cancer Institute, and three of the physicians are military veterans.

Allen and his colleagues know that corporatization of medicine and the profit-driven model has made care more difficult. Valor Oncology is steeled in its mission to prioritize patients over profit and place medicine ahead of bureaucracy. “Each patient is unique in their cancer journey,” Allen reflects. “The patients inspire me daily to go above and beyond to provide the quality of care they deserve. The ability to provide this care close to their homes, family and support groups is truly an inspiration for not only myself, but the entire team of support staff.”

In addition to Valor Oncology’s Redding locale, there is another site in Chico. They describe their services in detail on a crisp, easy-to-navigate website at

Knowing that his work makes a difference, Dr. Allen says the father and mother that survived their battles with cancer and went on to participate in some of life’s greatest moments are a few of the stories that he is proud he was able to be a part of, but he is grateful to be a small component of all of his patients’ journeys. “I have been fortunate enough to be a part of these occasions for both families, but those are just two stories among many. I strive to give the best care possible so that people can live happy, fulfilling lives to enjoy the big moments, but also all the small moments in between.”

Valor Oncology
Redding: 923 Dana Drive, (530) 900-4000
Chico: 1700 Esplanade Ave., (530) 691-5920

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