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Pete Metz knows that whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing, it takes someone with the know-how and expertise to guide you through a sometimes-complicated process.

That’s why he ventured out on his own in July 2019 to start Von Mortgage after nine years working for another company. Under the umbrella of Celebrity Home Loans, Metz and his dedicated team of trained professionals work to offer competitive rates and great local service.

Von Mortgage’s easy-to-use website allows customers to start the process through a simple set of questions that take you step-by-step to begin the process.

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Metz’s desire to build something of his own came from his sensible Midwest roots. Raised in Indiana and one of eight children, his father owned and operated a local carpet cleaning company for more than 40 years in Indiana. “I feel I owe all my success to my parents, especially my dad,” says Metz, who says his biggest joy is being father to 8-year-old Channing. “His work ethic and commitment to family has never left me. Von Mortgage was created out of this legacy of commitment and dedication to the family and something I value in my life and in my business.”

After all, Von Mortgage is in the business of helping families reach the American Dream. “I get to see everything about an individual and their family when it comes to their life, their goals, their finances and their family,” Metz says. “I get to see and hear their life stories. I am inspired every day because each family we help is a story and a journey I can learn from.”

In addition to helping families find home, Metz also keeps family in the forefront of business as brothers Dan and Matt, and sister, Amy Cockburn, are in the same field. Dan Metz is a real estate broker, Matt a part-time Realtor and Amy works at Von Mortgage as a licensed loan officer.

“The Von in Von Mortgage came from our biological last name ‘Von Forstmeyer,’” Pete Metz says, adding Von Mortgage also has a successful office in his hometown of Nappanee, Ind. “The Von back in the day stood for nobility and also a sense of royalty. I believe that each family we serve should have this kind of feeling – a sense of family, nobility and royalty.”

You can rest assured that Metz, Cockburn and the rest of the Von team – Heidi Oesterreich, Tabitha Suthers, Blair Hodgdon and Angela Nance– will not rest until you’re resting comfortably in your home. “I’m just thankful I can help them along the way,” Metz says.

Von Mortgage
2777 Bechelli Lane, Redding
(530) 221-7700

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