Wyntour Gardens

Never underestimate the power of a locally owned business.

That’s something Mike and Stacy Giles say they’ve learned in the year since they bought Wyntour Gardens Nursery on Airport Road. “We’ve had people coming in daily and when the employees introduce us as the new owners, people sometimes ask, ‘Can I give you a hug?’” Stacy says. “Many were worried it would close or be sold to a big-box retailer. Everyone’s been so positive that it’s remained locally owned. They sometimes tear up, thankful it hasn’t closed.”

If anything, Stacy says, Wyntour Gardens has thrived over the past year, due in part to COVID. “We’ve had families come in doing home schooling projects, teaching their children to plant their own garden,” she says in addition to the home-improvement boom that seemed to hit the nation with coronavirus shutdowns.

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Open since 1992, Wyntour Gardens has a reputation as the most complete garden center in Northern California. Trees, shrubs, container plantings, perennials, annuals, fruit trees, berries, vegetable starts and seeds are among a sampling of their offerings.

The amazing staff of close to 30, most of whom stayed on after the Gileses bought the business, are among the most knowledgeable about plants and the sometimes harsh North State climate. They can direct you to what to plant and where based on conditions, using their years of experience to help transform your space into a beautiful, thriving garden.

“We used to shop here and knew what a great place it is,” says Stacy. “The staff brings so much wisdom and knowledge to the table. They put their heart and soul into their work and that makes Wyntour Gardens a very special and unique place to shop.”

On 10 acres, Wyntour Gardens delivers, offers free classes and has a gift shop that sells home décor and seasonal merchandise. The Gileses have also started a landscape division called Wynscape Designs.

In addition to all that, Wyntour Gardens also has the largest selection of glazed ceramic pots north of Sacramento. “And it’s actually grown in size,” Stacy says. “It’s the largest it’s been and we expanded our fountains, statuary, benches and pottery (selections). This is a place where you could get a gift year-round.”

Open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm Sundays, Wyntour Gardens’ website also is a trove of information about what the store carries as well as sales and classes they offer.

Wyntour Gardens
8026 Airport Road, Redding
(530) 365-2256

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