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Bradley Pike and Shasta Wellness Center know a good offense is the best defense.

“We believe that it is always better to be proactive with your health, than to be reactive,” says Pike, doctor of chiropractic and a registered nurse. “Our mission is to provide conservative, patient-centered care, with a focus on treatments that help the body’s innate ability to heal itself.”

A third-generation chiropractor in Redding – Pike’s grandfather started a practice on Shasta Street in 1932, the first year California legalized chiropractic – Pike’s 24-year-old business offers chiropractic services, massage therapy and nutrient injections to address a range of conditions and improve overall function and health.

“I am proud to be a third-generation chiropractor, following in the footsteps of an incredible chiropractor who served the Redding area for over 35 years,” says Pike, a Redding native who joined his father’s practice in 1996 upon graduation from the Southern California University of Health Sciences with his doctor of chiropractic degree. “Redding has always been such a beautiful area with passionate people who care deeply for this town and their way of life.”

Pike has been married to his wife Bonnie, also a registered nurse, for more than 20 years and the couple have two children at Shasta High School with a passion for musical theater.

A progressive thinker, Pike says he’s always been willing to embrace new ideas and technology. “I remember visiting with a local physician about the difficulties in trying to bring new therapies to the area and the resistance in doing so,” Pike says. “He told me, ‘If you want to do those things here, you’re going to have to do them yourself.’”

It was, in part, the catalyst for Pike to return to school to earn his nursing degree. “I am proud of the accomplishment and dedication it took to step out of the box and obtain my secondary degree as a registered nurse,” he says.

At Shasta Wellness Center, they offer not only top-notch chiropractic care, but also doctor-assisted weight loss, infrared body contouring and infrared sauna, in addition to injectable nutrients.

“The offering of injectable nutrients is only possible through the collaboration of our nurse practitioner, who evaluates and examines our patients for which I am able to administer the nutrients and vitamins he orders for the patient,” Pike says. “I love working with providers who embrace conservative proactive therapies, and being able to bring them to the Redding area is a great achievement for me.”

He loves such collaboration concerning his patients’ wellness and overall health. “We are in an age of wellness that centers on treatments that encourage the body to heal and function optimally … it’s all about life extension,” Pike says. “Healing from the inside out is finally getting the recognition it deserves. My practice has always been about improving the body’s ability to heal by focusing on a wellness model of care that strengthens the body and makes it functionally stronger from the inside out.”

Shasta Wellness Center
3609 Bechelli Ln Suite #A, Redding
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